Support & correspondence


     Please send all financial support to Word for the World Baptist Ministries.

     Word for the World is a ministry of Bible Believers Baptist Church,  Stowe, PA  – Pastor Michael Collingwood.  They will be receiving and forwarding the Cleghorn’s financial support to them on a monthly basis. WFTW does not charge for their ministry – every cent collected for the Cleghorns will be forwarded to them in the most efficient and secure way.

     Support may be sent in the form of check, money order, or electronic means (direct debits). Please contact WFTW for more information (see below).



     Also, please send all correspondence for the Cleghorn Family to WFTW.  They will forward the Cleghorn’s mail pack to them every month. Please be patient with any delay in correspondence.


Word for the World Logo

Word for the World Baptist Missions

P.O. Box 849

Rossville, GA  30741-0849

(706) 866-8826

Website:  www.wftwbm.org