Duane and Chrislei Cleghorn Family

Cleghorn Family
Cleghorn family - March 12, 2011 at Timothy and Cara’s wedding

Duane and Chrislei have been married for 35 years. The Lord has blessed them with eleven children and five grandchildren. Their testimonies and ministry experiences are recorded below.


Trinity Baptist Church of Covington, LA , pastored by Dr. Winfred Baker, is the Cleghorn’s home and sending church.

In May of 2011, Duane, Chrislei, Jed and Mollee graduated from Baptist Bible Translators Institute after completing 9 months of linguistic training.  This training will save valuable time in learning a new language and culture.

Word for the World Baptist Ministries of Rossville, GA is handling  the Cleghorn’s financial support. WFTW does not charge for their ministry – every cent collected for the Cleghorns will be forwarded to them in the most efficient and secure way.

Please pray for the Cleghorn family as they fulfill their ministry in the “uttermost parts” of the earth


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Duane Cleghorn

During an evening revival meeting, I realized that I was a hopeless and lost sinner. For the first time, I realized that I must do what the Bible said, or I would remain under the condemnation of my sins and suffer eternal consequences.  I believed the Scriptures and repented of my sins. I trusted the finished work of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins. Jesus saved me that night, and I have been a child of God ever since!

As a young man, I gave my life to the Lord and surrendered to preach His Word. 

Not long after graduation from Bible college, I met a young lady who was a student at Baptist Bible College. We exchanged letters for two years, and finally set a date for marriage. The rest is history - 11 children and 5 grandkids!

During the past 40 years, the Lord has allowed me to serve in many different ministries and given me a wide range of ministry expreinces. These include the deaf, blind, music, Christian school, college, bus, visitation, and  summer camp ministries. 20 years have been spent in the pastorate.

The Lord has allowed me to learn many secular skills that will greatly help us on the mission field. These include aviation, construction, excavation, logging, and sawmill operation. I have also worked for several years at our local hospital ambulance service as a paramedic.

The Lord has a great investment in my life to prepare me for the work ahead. It is my desire to use the last and most experienced years of my life to benefit some of the unreached people groups in the “uttermost” regions of South East Asia.


Duane and Chrislei
Duane and Chrislei Cleghorn

Chrislei Cleghorn

Born to parents who both knew the Lord, I heard the Gospel from infancy. At 6 years of age, I told my mother that I didn’t know if I would go to heaven when I died. She reviewed with me what the Scriptures say about sin, repentance and salvation. I bowed my head and asked Jesus Christ to save me on a Sunday morning in our home. My dad, who was also my pastor, baptized me at our church a few months later.

Dad and Mom set the example and raised my siblings and I to obey the Bible and serve Jesus.  At the age of 16, I surrendered my will to my Master.

In 1981, I received a Batchelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Duane and I were married after my graduation and we both taught in a Christian school for several years. We are also experienced homeschoolers, having taught all eleven of our children at home.

The Lord has allowed me to serve Him in many areas, from cleaning the church and  changing diapers in the nursery, to working on bus routes and in nursing homes, teaching Sunday school classes, and interpreting for the deaf ministry. I have also been very active in our county detention center and  the Indiana State Department of Correction women’s facility at Madison, Indiana.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to follow my husband and serve my Savior in South East Asia.